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The legal complexities and environmental laws pertaining to remedial, removal, or corrective actions for properties contaminated with hazardous materials are dictated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) amongst others. Rock Enviro has in-depth experience in complying with EPA law and regulatory guidelines; while following state, city, and local government laws during every stage of remediation

Rock Enviro will carefully evaluate the environmental conditions and risks associated with a property. Previous documentation from land developers, lenders, attorneys, or private owners are obtained and reviewed as a form of proactive environmental risk management that helps Rock Enviro determine if there are possible environmental conditions associated with the presence, storage, or disposal of hazardous substances to consider

In addition to a final visual inspection and follow-up testing of remediated sites, Rock Enviro also issues an important Post Cleanup Certification of Due Diligence to put prospective buyers at ease with regard to the environmental status of their property. These documents and supporting materials provide assurance to developers and are used as official proof to show regulatory agencies that treatment, storage, and disposal of hazardous waste was indeed performed properly

Properties are thoroughly assessed for recognized environmental conditions and areas of concern by reviewing regulatory database records and historical reports. Assessment also includes a diligent site reconnaissance of site conditions and of surrounding properties, carefully considering each aspect for potential environmental impacts

The environmental testing process determines whether the property has serious environmental issues, such as contaminated soil or polluted water sources. Rock Enviro ensures that the collection of air, ground water and soil samples are performed meticulously. We partner with enviromenal analytical laboratories which are equipped with the capabilities to perform EPA- approved analytical methodologies and accurate regulatory testing. Results guide the remediation process, and aid in system design as part of the remedy

The Rock Enviro Team specilalizes in removing, managing, and properly mitigating contaminants in contaminated soil or polluted groundwater. This is known as the site remediation process. In addition to helping minimize negative impacts to human health and preserving the health of the environment, Rock Enviro accelerates the cycle of repurposing contaminated properties for beneficial use